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      WHAT'S NEW:
       New Paper Published Online: (21 Oct, 2017)
       S.K. Deb Nath, Y. Shibuta*, M. Ohno, T. Takaki, T. Mohri
       "A molecular dynamics study of partitionless solidification and melting of Al-Cu alloys"
       ISIJ International, 57 (2017) 1774-1779.

       New Paper Published Online: (11 Oct, 2017)
       L. Zhang*, C. Lu*, K. Tieu, Y. Shibuta
       "Dynamic interaction between grain boundary and stacking fault tetrahedron"
       Scripta Materialia, 144 (2018) 78-83.

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       New Paper Published Online: (11 Sep, 2017)
       B. Xu, T. Kaneko, Y. Shibuta, T. Kato*
       "Preferential synthesis of (6,4) single-walled carbon nanotubes
       by controlling oxidation degree of Co catalyst"

       Scientific Reports, 7 (2017) 11149. (press release from Tohoku University)

       New Paper Published Online: (3 Jul, 2017)
       E. Miyoshi, T. Takaki*, M. Ohno, Y. Shibuta, S. Sakane, T. Shimokawabe, T. Aoki
       "Ultra-large-scale phase-field simulation study of ideal grain growth"
       npj Computational Materials, 3 (2017) 25. (press release from KIT)

       New Paper Published Online: (5 Apr, 2017)
       Y. Shibuta*, S. Sakane, E. Miyoshi, S. Okita, T. Takaki, M. Ohno
       "Heterogeneity in homogeneous nucleation
       from billion-atom molecular dynamics simulation of solidification of pure metal"

       Nature Communications, 8 (2017) 10. (press release)

       New Paper Published Online: (3 Jun, 2016)
       H. Suzuki, T. Kaneko, Y. Shibuta, M. Ohno, Y. Maekawa, T. Kato*
       "Wafer-scale fabrication and growth dynamics of suspended graphene nanoribbon arrays"
       Nature Communications, 7 (2016) 11797. (press release)

       Publication updated (17 Oct, 2017)