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       Awards and Commendations: (20 Sep, 2018)
       藤永拓也君(M1)が日本金属学会 第31回優秀ポスター賞を受賞しました
       Takuya Fujinaga (M1) received the 31th best poster award at the 163th JIM Meeting.

       New Paper Selected as Back Cover Article: (11 Sep, 2018)
       L. Zhang*, Y. Shibuta, C. Lu, X. Huang
       "Atomistic simulation of the interaction between point defects and twin boundary"
       Physica Status Solidi B, 255 (2018) 1800228.
       (back cover available)
       (introduced in Advanced Science News)

       New Paper Selected as Cover Article: (7 Sep, 2018)
       Y. Shibuta*, M. Ohno, T. Takaki
       "Advent of cross-scale modeling: High-performance computing of solidification
       and grain growth"
(invited progress report)
       Advanced Theory and Simulations, 1 (2018) 1800065.
       (cover picture available)

       (link to archives)

       Information: (1 Aug, 2018)

       Information: (27 Dec, 2017)
       「Inovator Next  未来を創る東大工学部」(日経BP社)で研究室紹介されました.

       New Paper Published Online: (5 Apr, 2017)
       Y. Shibuta*, S. Sakane, E. Miyoshi, S. Okita, T. Takaki, M. Ohno
       "Heterogeneity in homogeneous nucleation
       from billion-atom molecular dynamics simulation of solidification of pure metal"

       Nature Communications, 8 (2017) 10. (press release)

       New Paper Published Online: (3 Jun, 2016)
       H. Suzuki, T. Kaneko, Y. Shibuta, M. Ohno, Y. Maekawa, T. Kato*
       "Wafer-scale fabrication and growth dynamics of suspended graphene nanoribbon arrays"
       Nature Communications, 7 (2016) 11797. (press release)

       Publication updated (17 Sep, 2018)